Attention Washington State Residents – Please Read

Attention Washington State Residents – Please Read.

Options for long-term care insurance in WA state have become extremely limited. Until November 1st, we are limited to ONLY Asset Based plans which are on average, $100,000 per person for a meaningful plan or $8,000-$10,000+ Annually. To see examples, please go to our examples page.

We do not have access to minimum coverage plans at this time. If you are looking for a quote, you may contact the following carriers who may still be selling directly to their clients. 

  • New York Life: 800-225-5695
  • Thrivent: 855-303-7345
  • Genworth: 888-436-9678
  • Bankers Life: 888-910-6993

You may also find some quote options though the internet providers which is something our agency does not do.

Due to the passage of the Washington State Long-Term Care Trust Act, there has been a large increase of applications being submitted to the insurance carriers with minimum benefits requested. This has caused several insurance carriers we use to pull out of Washington State until November of this year, when the deadline has passed for residents to acquire a private plan in order to opt out of the new tax. We currently have no access to small traditional plans until November 2021.

Because the new state law does not currently require individuals to keep their insurance coverage after they have opted out of the tax, many carriers believe there will be a high number of contracts canceled. This is an untenable situation for the insurance carriers as the cost of underwriting and placing the contracts is significantly more than the annual premiums collected the first year. Therefore, many have chosen not to accept new business until later in the year.

Although we are making every effort to assist our clients, we are limited by the current restrictions and do not have options available for those seeking out the minimum plan to be able to opt out of the new tax.

We look forward to helping those who are seeking to protect their family and assets through professionally designed and suitable insurance planning and still have a full array of Asset-Based solutions.

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