South Kirkland, WA Yarrow Bay Business Park : Saturday May 12th, 9:00 – 11:00AM

Speakers: Brian Ott, CLTC – Certified Long-Term Care Planning Specialist & Attorney Rick Gregorek 

DESCRIPTION: The legal and financial world is full of surprises as we age and head into retirement. Too many of us fail to properly plan for the unthinkable, yes, an extended health care situation and the emotional and financial strain that this can place on a family. At the Retirement Asset Protection class you will learn how to properly establish and maintain your legal planning and how to have the financial security you desire in the event you or your spouse ends up needing care over an extended period.

Rick Gregorek, Attorney & Counselor at Law, will review the Six most common mistakes made in estate and elder law planning and will provide you with the necessary information you simply must know to arrange your affairs to avoid unintended consequences.

Brian Ott, Long Term Care Specialist, will teach you about the new Federal and State programs now available to protect your family and savings from an extended health care situation. You will see how the different options compare and learn about new tax advantaged ways to fund your plan that weren’t available just a few years ago.

There is a nominal fee for this event and space is limited so sign up now.

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