1. Norman J.

    being 65 and still healthy it was very difficult to write the check for traditional long term insurance every year. I did because it is the right thing to do as we want to make it as easy as possible for the kids to handle our last days. I heard a 525 ltc commercial on the radio and was informed that there is a new approach to these plans and you actually get money back !! well it still is painfu…Read More

  2. Cyndie M.

    Highly knowledgeable, patient and thorough review of all options. Long term care has not been an easy topic of discussion within our family. We have personally witnessed the devastation lack of planning has caused our parents. 525 Long Term Care made the documentation and overall process easy to understand and the options clear in terms of health care benefits and cost. We truly appreciated their…Read More

  3. Diana M.

    I wasn't sure I really needed LTC insurance, but one gal approached me & tried to explain the importance & she gave me a quote. I didn't understand ANYTHING about it, though she tried to explain it. One year later she gave me another quote, with another explanation. I still didn't understand it. Then when I heard that Dave Ramsey & Suze Orman both said that it was important, I wanted …Read More