1. Steven T.

    My wife and I had a lot of questions regarding Long Term Care policies and which policy would be best for us. 525 answered all our questions and we were able to invest in a LTC plan that we felt good about. LCT insurance is a very important part of a total estate plan, working with 525 we never felt like we were being sold any thing it felt more like we were selecting a plan that we felt good abo…Read More

  2. Richard A.

    When we went to replace our current coverage, we were not well-versed in long-term care coverage and were nervous about being sold "a bill of goods." However, our fears were soon laid completely to rest by working with Brian and Madalyn. They took all the time we needed to fully understand the options, costs, advantages and disadvantages of all the products. There was absolutely no pressure. They…Read More

  3. Steve T.

    I was researching LTC and discovered 525. Brian and Madalyn were knowledgeable, low pressure, and helped me understand the basics as well as helping craft a plan that worked for me. I would recommend their firm. They both had personal experiences with elder care and were willing to share that info along with the pros and cons of LTC. 11/09/2016…Read More