1. Reid B.

    Our treatment was professional all the way through. Brian laid out multiple options but promptly zeroed in on a best choice for our situation. His answers to our questions gave us confidence, and were consistent with other research we had done. Then our application was processed in a timely manner. Replies to emails and phone calls were prompt, and the overall process seemed very efficient. We ar…Read More

  2. Lloyd G.

    Long term care has always been a concern for us. We wanted the peace of mind but couldn't get past the cost or the limited care options. Brian didn't ever try to sell us anything. He gave us an education on traditional LTC and then explained how asset based LTC would better suit our needs. I'm a conservative penny pincer but could easily see how my money was always working for us and available if…Read More

  3. Debbie B.

    We listen to Brian and Madalyn with 525 Advisors on KIRO and attended one of their free seminars. We knew that we should have Long-Term Health Care. We decided to meet with them and see what our options were. One of our big concerns was 'how do you pay for a plan?' We were presented with several plans and Brian help us select the best plan for our financial and health situation. Once we selected …Read More