c5a83c_40f4b3d8d8c948abb2b35701f90742fcSometimes we find ourselves a bit unorganized, especially after the summer months. Fall is the time to get back into the swing of things and de-clutter so you can spend more time making your clients happy and your business growing.

Here are 5 tips to de-clutter and help organize your work space.

1. Organize your Desk and Desktop

First take everything off of your desk and wipe it down. Put back only the items you really need on a daily basis. If you had papers or notes on your desk before you cleared it off, DO NOT put them back without organizing. Make a decision for action on these documents and follow through.

Cleaning up your Desktop on your computer will not only make it easier to find the things you need but it will also help your computers’ processing speed. Having too many documents and shortcuts on your computers’ desktop, will slow down your computer. Think of your Desktop as a temporary place to save documents, pictures, etc.

2. Communicate on a Schedule

Schedule time out of your day specifically alloted to returning emails and phone calls. Sometimes it even helps to have a voicemail message stating “I will be in meetings from such and such and will be returning calls between such and such time”. Communicating and responding with your clients and other advisors you work with is key in keeping them involved with your business. You never know who will give you your next referral.

3. Go Digital whenever possible

Utilize your computer as a filing system (just make sure it is backed up on a regular basis). Create electronic files and use your email system to create folders and organize your emails better.

4. Create Work Zones

Be sure to separate your work zones. Of course your desk is your main work area but your supply and reference areas should be clearly separated and defined. Make sure to put items in their corresponding zones so that when you need them they are there.

5. End of the Day – Clean up!

Last but not least, one of the best things you can do is clean up your workspace as much as possible before you go home. It will make the next morning much easier. Make sure to sort your mail each day and get rid of what you don’t need right away.