We are client-focused Certified Long-Term Care Planning Specialists. We help people with assets protect their savings and the people they care about most from the financial, physical and emotional costs that come with a long-term care situation. We work with people near or in retirement put a meaningful, tax-free guaranteed plan in place that will pay them back if they never use it.

The 525 Story

 Doing what we love and helping others is a pretty special honor for us. We tell people every day how passionate we are about helping our clients with long-term care planning and there is a reason for this. Below we each share why we do what we do and how our lives have brought us to helping others with long-term care planning options.

Brian Ott, RICP, CLTC
Certified Long-Term Care Planning Specialist

WAIOC # 736178

I’ll be the first to admit it: I got into this business purely for selfish reasons. In 2006, my father died in an accident leaving my mother on her own. It brought the family together and forced us to look at her retirement planning in a different light. We agreed we needed to protect her from an extended or long-term health situation as that would devastate her financially, so I started looking into long-term care insurance. Long story short: I got so frustrated with the process and the lack of knowledge by those who were licensed to help us that I put my mom on hold and went back to school and got my insurance license. I learned about long-term care planning and eventually became a Certified Long-Term Care Planning Specialist and helped my mother put her own plan in place. Now I got into the business to help my mother but I became passionate about helping others for a different reason.

My Grandmother Genevieve worked until she was in her mid 70’s and lived in her own home until she was 86. The last few years at her home were a struggle for her and my mother, as my mother carried most of the burden of helping her out. Finally, my mother convinced my grandmother that they needed to make a change so they started looking at assisted living facilities and settled on a place called The Bridge which happened to be just 15 minutes away from my mother’s home in Colorado. It was a lovely facility and it was affordable because my grandmother had a long-term care insurance policy. My grandmother was well cared for and happily lived there for nearly 5 years before she passed away on July 3, 2015.

In the summer of 2010, after my mother helped my grandmother move into The Bridge, she flew out to Seattle and spent three weeks with my family. She was here for my son’s 7th birthday, played hundreds of games of Skip-Bo with my 5 year old daughter and caught up on reading that she had been putting off. It was that summer that I realized the gift my grandmother had given us all by having a long-term care plan in place. My grandmother was now in a safe place receiving the care she deserved and my mother was finally able to get her life back. I got my mom back and my kids got their “Grandma Nana” back. The fact that my grandmother took the time to put a long-term care plan in place had a generational effect. Not only did she benefit, but her entire family also benefited and I can’t thank her enough. Long-term care planning protects the people you care about most and lets them go on with their lives while you get the care you deserve. This is why I am passionate about helping others today.

c5a83c_2680db67680f47cdab7115038f8d6b52Brian Ott has earned a professional degree in the field of long-term care, Certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC). The program is independent of the insurance industry and focuses on providing financial service professionals the tools needed to meet their client’s long-term care needs

Brian Ott has earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation. A retirement income certified professional (RICP) is a financial professional who specializes in retirement income planning. Once qualified, RICPs advise retirees and near-retirees as to the best way to use the assets they have accumulated for retirement to live comfortably within a realistic budget and not run out of money prematurely.

Madalyn Lutsch, CLTC, CISR
Case Manager
WAIOC # 789370

Many people are surprised to see a young professional passionate about long-term care planning until they hear my story. My journey started at an early age when my mother became chronically ill. As far back as I can remember, her failing health impacted the lives of my family and forced me and my two brothers to grow up quickly and take on more responsibility than most kids our age. With each passing year, my mother’s condition deteriorated until she was no longer able to work, manage the home, or participate in our lives socially or emotionally.

By the time I was 16, I was juggling being a caretaker for my mother, a high school student and working as many hours as I could to help support our family financially. By the time I graduated high school, my mother’s health was so compromised that she required care beyond what we could provide for her at home. Due to our financial situation, my mother was put on Medicaid and moved to a nursing home in Everett. Our family lived in Bothell so this put an extra strain on everyone as the daily commute took away time we could spend with her. My mother spent four years as a ward of the state on the Medicaid program. These years were difficult for her and extremely hard on our family. Under the care of the nursing home, my mother was consistently neglected and what care she did receive was unacceptable. She was left waiting for hours at a time for something as simple as getting her to and from the bathroom. The quality of care became so bad that I eventually brought in the State’s long-term care ombudsman to revise and help improve my mother’s treatment and care at the facility. The nursing home eventually changed their Medicaid procedures forcing my mother to be moved to another nursing home in Tacoma. My mother passed away one week after being moved.

Watching my mother suffer through a long-term care situation was incredibly difficult. Financially it was a struggle but it also affected my family in ways I never dreamed. My father suffered physically and ended up having a series of heart attacks. My brothers and I took years to reconcile the emotional and physical strain it put on us and I learned the hard way that an unplanned long-term care situation has the power to tear a family apart. Medicaid did not provide an acceptable level of care for my mother and made us all realize we had no control in my mother’s care or quality of life. This experience has made me passionate and left me determined to help as many people as I can understand the importance of planning and protecting their family members.

Why You Should Work With Us…

My experience has taught me that there is an overall lack of understanding of the importance of long-term care planning. Over the years I have watched as the financial industry has moved to a more complicated strategy of helping people prepare for retirement all the while ignoring the single biggest risk to their financial health heading into retirement.

Nearly 3 out of 4 people will end up in a long-term care situation during their retirement years and all of us will be affected when a loved one needs care. Long-term care is expensive and traditional insurance and government programs don’t pay for this type of care. Today, thanks to recent Federal and State changes, you now have better options and more programs to protect your family and savings from the consequences of an extended health care situation.

At 525 Advisors, we are a truly independent company that works with all the major carriers. We have a complete understanding of the different types of programs including, Traditional, Asset Based, Hybrid, Critical Care and other offerings including life insurance with riders. We will educate you on the different options and help you design and decide on a plan that is right for your situation. Unlike other financial companies that dabble in long-term care, we are focused and passionate about it.

Protecting your family and savings should be priority number 1 as you prepare for retirement and we have the resources and tools to help you do just that.

What’s In A Name?c5a83c_6e87d46f68724996a3a768d978474598

525 is an IRS publication and the inspiration for our name. Many people are surprised at how much taxes play a role during retirement. Long-Term Care insurance provides a Tax-Free stream of income to pay for care later in life. Many people will mistakenly spend through their retirement or other savings and pay unnecessary taxes along the way. New programs have made Long-Term Care insurance more advantageous than ever. We understand Long-Term Care and offer the most choices so you can get the plan that works best for you. We are your local Long Term Care experts.

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