Long-Term Care Learning Center

1. Start by educating yourself

Long-term care insurance is not about getting quotes to find the cheapest coverage. Instead, it is a bit like Estate Planning in that plans are supposed to be designed specifically for you based on your health, family, finances, and retirement goals. There are also new plans today that are much more efficient than the traditional old plans and what they could accomplish. Because of this, we encourage you to learn a little bit about what these plans are and how they can work. Then when you’re ready, we will guide you through the process. Here are a few resources you can start with.

Download Our Guide: 5 Harmful Misconceptions about Long-Term Care Plans

There are 5 harmful misconceptions we hear the most about long-term care plans, and we see far too many people miss out on the protection they need because of them. Downloading this free resource will clear things up so you can make sure your care is funded and managed when you need it.

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2. Fill out our PreScreen Form to see what plans you will qualify for

Long-term care insurance plans can differ greatly based on how healthy you are. Our expertise is guiding you to a plan you will qualify for and that will fit best for your needs.

3. Once we know what you will qualify for, we will schedule a call to go through your individual situation and help you design your custom plan.

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Start Here

This overview will give you the basics about long-term care plans.

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See Your Options

These pages give an overview of the different plans that are available.


Dig Deeper

The resources below will take you further in your understanding.

Listen to Our Podcast

525 Advisors owner Brian Ott hosts the weekly podcast Long Term Care Radio which covers all aspects of long-term care.

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Watch a Webinar

Get a thorough overview of all things long-term care plans. Choose to attend a live webinar online or watch our videos on-demand right now!

Here’s How You Find the Right Plan


1. Learn About Long-Term Care

Watch one of our webinars, listen to our podcast, or explore our website to learn how long-term care plans work.

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2. Submit a Pre-Screen Form

Our Pre-Screen form helps you find out if you qualify for a long-term care plan.

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3. We’ll Get You Approved

We help you design a custom plan and guide you through the application process.

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Lifetime Benefits Plan

Ensure lifetime benefits that never run out.

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Cash Indemnity Plan

You can pay a family member.

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Savings Based Plan

$1 turns into $3 tax-free for LTC.

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