1. Client of the Month

    Husband (60) and wife (61) make and initial deposit of $102,000 into their asset based long-term care plan. This provides an initial death benefit of $202,140 which can be taken out for long-term care at a rate of $6,064 per month until this benefit is used up. The client’s initial deposit is also guaranteed to increase in value and has a cash surrender value of $137,654 at year 20. Meaning…Read More

  2. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh

    Which child will you pick? Many people and many advisors simply think of long-term care situations as a financial problem. Rarely considered is the emotional and physical consequences it will put on family members and the likely strife that will develop between siblings. Consider that when a parent with multiple children is in a care situation, often times it is one of the children who steps into …Read More

  3. Washington Tops National Average on Long-Term Care Services

    According to Mutual of Omaha’s 2016 cost of care study, with the exception of hourly home health aide costs, Washington State has an average higher cost for long-term care services. The survey reveals Washington State is nearly 50% higher for home health cost if a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is needed as well as more costly on nearly all other options. Here is how we compare to National Avera…Read More