Cost of Long-Term Care Insurance?

June 28, 2022

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Step Three:
Design Your Custom Plan and Get Approved

First, you should understand the process of putting a long-term care plan in place. Long-Term Care insurance isn’t for everyone. Some won’t qualify due to health and/or their age and others may simply not have the financial resources to do so. Long-term care planning is unique to each individual or couple and 525 Advisors is changing the process.
We start with education for those that are new to long-term care insurance. Our webinars go through all the 101 information and give you examples of the different types of plans. (You can always reach out for a recording if you can’t attend one live). They allow you to wrap your mind around: what long-term care is, how it is different from medical care, what triggers a long-term care insurance policy, and where long-term care is covered. Then we even break down the different types of plans and features you can add to your plan.
Once you are familiar with this information, we will schedule a call with you to go through your situation, answer your questions and guide you to designing the plan that fits best for you, your family, and your goals.

Looking at our examples can help give you an idea of the numbers.

There really is no magic to putting a plan in place. As advisors, it is our job to ask you questions that help guide you to the plan that fits best for you. Having an idea of a budget, an amount of benefit, or certain features you might like will really help guide you to the best plan for your situation.

Sometimes the best plan is the one you will get approved for…

There is health underwriting required for all long-term care insurance plans. 525 Advisors not only specializes in designing the right plan for you by knowing all of the features and options on the market, but they know how to best navigate the underwriting process to make it as smooth and efficient as possible. So we start with our confidential prescreen form. It comes directly to the Case Manager who can know from that information, which plans you will be eligible for.

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