1. Where Do You Want Your Money To Go?

    One of the ongoing issues we see people struggle with is whether they have enough money to fund their own long-term care plan. It has been an ongoing claim from many advisors that if you have enough money, whatever that number is, you can simply pay for your own care and not worry about an insurance policy. But the real question should be, where do you want your money to go? Consider, every dolla…Read More

  2. He’s Your Uncle, Not Your Sugar Daddy

    For some reason, the majority of Americans believe Uncle Sam is going to take care of them when they end up in a long-term care situation. A recent survey by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute found that over 70% of affluent baby boomers (income over 150k) believed that Obamacare will fund the costs of long-term care.  Neither the Affordable Care Act nor Medicare will pay for long-term…Read More

  3. Client of the Month – August 2015

    Leveraging Qualified Funds into Long-Term Care Husband 65 and wife 64 had a traditional long-term care policy in place that would pay them $200 a day for a period of 3 years. Their company stopped selling long-term care insurance in 2014 and raised the annual premiums to $6700 on our clients. Our Concern: Clients are facing increasing premiums in the years ahead. Because their current company no l…Read More