1. What If You’re Lucky?

    One of the most common questions our clients ask is “What happens to our premiums if we never need long-term care?” In the past this was an easy answer….they’re gone. With traditional long-term care insurance plans, you are simply paying non-refundable premiums to mitigate the financial consequences of a perceived risk. It’s just like auto insurance or homeowners insurance in the sense …Read More

  2. Difference between LTC Riders and a Qualified LTC Plan

    Many Life Insurance policies and even Annuity Policies, have what are called Long-Term Care Riders. They also have other names for these riders, such as: Critical Illness Rider, Long-Term Disability Rider or Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. These riders can be useful and may benefit some more than others, however, this does not qualify as a qualified long-term care plan and should not be treated a…Read More