1. More Than a Remodel Required

    Most seniors say they want to age in place, meaning spend their final years in their own home. Yet, many fail to realize this dream because they failed to properly plan for the additional financial demands of aging in their own home. Much of the focus for aging in place is centered around making modifications to your home. Wider doorways, grab handles, new flooring and even ramps to eliminate stai…Read More

  2. What If You’re Lucky?

    One of the most common questions our clients ask is “What happens to our premiums if we never need long-term care?” In the past this was an easy answer….they’re gone. With traditional long-term care insurance plans, you are simply paying non-refundable premiums to mitigate the financial consequences of a perceived risk. It’s just like auto insurance or homeowners insurance in the sense …Read More

  3. Why Setting Aside Assets Is Not the Answer

    Personally, I have met with dozens of advisors including attorneys, CPA’s, financial advisors (fiduciaries) as well as clients themselves who believe the best way to pay for long-term care is to set assets aside and self insure. Not only is this advice misguided, it is the least efficient and most costly way to pay for a long-term care situation. So why do so many people believe this is a sound …Read More