1. Client of the Month March 2016

    A Hybrid 20-pay with guaranteed level premiums gives them meaningful coverage! A 64 & 57 year old couple had long-term care policies but after reviewing them. They realized the policies did not have the coverage they were looking for and were worried about future rate increases. By utilizing a Hybrid plan, we were able to get them guaranteed level payments and we structured the plan to be paid…Read More

  2. More Premium Stability for Traditional Plans

    From the very beginning, long-term care insurance carriers have struggled to find the balance between acceptable risk to take on and premiums to charge for their products. Today we have more information which to base future assumptions on as we have the ability to evaluate over 70 times the amount of data that we were able to in 2000. This means insurance companies have a better understanding on w…Read More

  3. 525 Updates: Seminar & Radio

    We have a lot planned for 2016 at 525 Advisors. As many of you know, our goal is to help our clients protect their family and their savings from the consequences of a long-term care situation. Here are some ways we are educating people on this important topic. (Radio) Brian Ott has been a guest speaker on various radio shows and has now been offered the opportunity to start his own weekly radio sh…Read More