1. What If You’re Lucky?

    One of the most common questions our clients ask is “What happens to our premiums if we never need long-term care?” In the past this was an easy answer….they’re gone. With traditional long-term care insurance plans, you are simply paying non-refundable premiums to mitigate the financial consequences of a perceived risk. It’s just like auto insurance or homeowners insurance in the sense …Read More

  2. Client of the Month – August 2015

    Leveraging Qualified Funds into Long-Term Care Husband 65 and wife 64 had a traditional long-term care policy in place that would pay them $200 a day for a period of 3 years. Their company stopped selling long-term care insurance in 2014 and raised the annual premiums to $6700 on our clients. Our Concern: Clients are facing increasing premiums in the years ahead. Because their current company no l…Read More

  3. Client of the Month: Using Qualified Funds – May 2016

    Husband 59 and wife 61, planning on retiring in the next few years wanted to set up a long-term care insurance plan to protect their savings and income. Because they had social security and pension for retirement income, we looked into using some of their retirement funds to leverage into a lifetime benefit of long-term care insurance. We transferred a single deposit out of their IRA account of $1…Read More