1. History of the State Partnership Program

    Washington State joined 43 other states in 2012 by offering long-term care State Partnership programs. Simply put, the partnership program rewards individuals who purchase a qualifying long-term care insurance plan by allowing them to protect assets from Medicaid spend-down rules. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is the nation’s largest public health philanthropy and was commissioned by…Read More

  2. They Don’t Compete…They Protect

    Many financial advisors look at asset based long-term care plans as a financial product that competes with your financial investments. Otherwise, what is the rate of return the financial advisor can get on your money versus depositing it with the insurance company? The truth is, asset based long-term care plans are not like your other investments. Instead they are insurance products that guarantee…Read More

  3. The Cost Of Waiting

    The Cost of Waiting Here are some questions we get on a regular basis from people who are considering long-term care planning: Why do I need to get long-term care insurance today if I’m healthy? Why can’t I just wait so I don’t have to start paying premiums today? Won’t I save me money in the long run if I wait? This is a common train of thought for people and a valid line of questioning. …Read More