1. Client of the Month July 2016

    Husband 49 and Wife 50 - set up a traditional plan which provides each of them with a starting monthly benefit of $6,000 a month and a 4 year minimum payout. The annual premium is $3,779.25 and is with a company who has never raised premiums on their clients. This plan has a 3% inflation rider which means their monthly benefit will grow each year along with their total bucket of money. Other featu…Read More

  2. Big Data Means Price Hikes Unlikely

    Rate increases are one of the most common complaints and worries for people who have existing long-term care insurance policies. Many factors are at play including misguided pricing, companies exiting the business, as well as a general lack of understanding of the actual risk the insurance companies were facing when they developed their policies… Basically, a lack of data. Today, lapse rates (wh…Read More

  3. Boomers Demand for Financial Security Driving Force behind Asset Based Long-Term Care

    Fairy Tales usually have a happy ending but for too many, their final years are turning out anything but dreamy. The fact is more and more seniors are running out of money in their retirement years and one of the leading causes is the high cost of long-term care. Baby Boomers are on the front line as many of them approach retirement and have the burden of watching their parents struggle through th…Read More