1. Client of the Month June 2016

    Husband 60 and Wife 57, deposit $157,425 into an Asset Based plan that provides each of them $8,329 per month of long-term care coverage with a lifetime benefit. This means each person can draw out up to the monthly benefit tax-free for as long as they need it. This asset based plan also provides a second to die death benefit of $277,646 which is payable to their estate or beneficiaries tax free i…Read More

  2. Myth: You can’t qualify for long-term care if you are over 60

    How about 63, 65, 72, 84? Pick a number as we have heard it all in our office. The truth is there is no advantage to waiting to get a long-term care plan as the younger you are the more options you will have and the more insurance you will get for the same investment. However, if you have waited, it doesn’t mean you should assume you are too old as new options are available. Today we have plans …Read More

  3. Client of the Month: Using Qualified Funds – May 2016

    Husband 59 and wife 61, planning on retiring in the next few years wanted to set up a long-term care insurance plan to protect their savings and income. Because they had social security and pension for retirement income, we looked into using some of their retirement funds to leverage into a lifetime benefit of long-term care insurance. We transferred a single deposit out of their IRA account of $1…Read More