1. Room For One In The Life Boat

    What happens if you are in a situation where you or your spouse or partner can’t qualify for long-term care insurance? Often time’s couples will step back from the process and not get any insurance which is a dangerous move. The approach that should be taken is to make sure the healthy spouse has a very meaningful plan offering more coverage for an extended amount of time.  Consider this.  I…Read More

  2. More Than a Remodel Required

    Most seniors say they want to age in place, meaning spend their final years in their own home. Yet, many fail to realize this dream because they failed to properly plan for the additional financial demands of aging in their own home. Much of the focus for aging in place is centered around making modifications to your home. Wider doorways, grab handles, new flooring and even ramps to eliminate stai…Read More

  3. He’s Your Uncle, Not Your Sugar Daddy

    For some reason, the majority of Americans believe Uncle Sam is going to take care of them when they end up in a long-term care situation. A recent survey by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute found that over 70% of affluent baby boomers (income over 150k) believed that Obamacare will fund the costs of long-term care.  Neither the Affordable Care Act nor Medicare will pay for long-term…Read More